Detektivbyrån was Swedish electronica/folk trio from Gothenburg.  The trio included Anders Molin on accordion and music box, Martin Molin on glockenspiel, piano, Theremin, and traktofon, and Jon Nils Emanual Ekström on drums, sound-box, and bells. The band has a greatly unique sound, as one might imagine from their unique instrumentation. Their album E18 is an album I listen to frequently. Being Polish, I of course have to play the accordion (somehow I now have 7!) and so the use of accordion is a big turn-on for my musical senses. But the other instruments work so well together. Having a toy piano and Theremin myself, I would love to create music with a sound quality like Detektivbyrån. Their style is very reminiscent of Yann Tiersen, another great accordion-artist, and more specifically his soundtrack to the brilliant French movie Amelie. This is no surprise as the bands use of such instruments was largely inspired by this soundtrack, as well as their musical traditions in Värmland – their home county. Also, the trio played often as street performers, and needed portable instruments.

But despite their more eclectic instruments, their style is somehow very modern, and yet folky at the same time. It is a splendid combination. The music is also very minimalist in terms of its musical repetition, and this creates a very soothing and ethereal effect. I think the sound is distinctly Scandinavian, and something in it is even reminiscent of Björk and has a certain Icelandic vibe. The trio announced in August 2010 that the group would not be making any more music together, and I find this tragic, as they have only two albums and I would have just loved to have experienced more. Detektivbyrån‘s website

Here is their video for Lyckans Undulat

One response to “Detektivbyrån

  • Queen Mum

    The use of accordion and theramin was amazing, especially when they joined in harmony. Great find! I, too, am saddened at their demise. More recordings would have been a treat!

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