Amel Bent

Amel Bent is a French pop star who gained success after making it to the semi-finals of Nouvelle Star 2 (France’s answer to Pop Idol). Although she did not win the competition, she was picked out by producers and her debut album was soon to follow. This debut album, Un Jour d’été was number 3 on the French Albums Chart, and had the hit single: Ma Philosophie, which is one of my favourtie Amel Bent songs, and one of my favourite French songs. The album is a power soul/R&B collection with many superb songs.

Amel’s second album  À 20 ans, is another one of my absolute favourite French albums. It’s another I keep in the car at all times. One thing I love about this album is its use of piano R&B – very sort of Alicia Keys style (only better!) The title track features Diam’s and is an amazing track. As I said, many of the tracks are heavily based around the piano which is a huge turn on for me! My favourite track off this album is undoubtedly Tu n’es Plus là, another one of those piano-featured tracks. The chord progression of the chorus is what really draws me to the piece, and Amel’s vocals are wonderful!!! It is really an incredibly moving song.  There is also an acoustic version on the album which is pretty incredible as well. A fun surprise at the very end is a cover of “Eye of the Tiger” which I love to run to. It’s just plain fun!

In 2009 Amel released her third album, Où je vais, which I have just gotten my hands on and not yet been able to listen, but can’t wait! Then I can share the riches =) And of course check out her website: Amel Bent

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