Alfa Rococo

Montréal how I love you!!! A long weekend in Montréal this last week has brought light to a new wonderful duo – Alfa Rococo! As is my custom, I was browsing and listening to new Francophone albums in Ste. Catherine’s HMV when I stumbled upon their newest album: Chasser le malheur. They have a fun electro-indie-pop sound that I was immediately in love with! The opening track, Phénix, opens with a catchy synth riff and what follows is an album full of catchy electronic riffs. Soldat de plomb is probably my favourite track from the album; as my friend Monique remarked on her first listening, “there is something serious going on here, don’t mess with this stank bitch!”. Actually this track reminds me a bit of Ethero and many of the tracks on her Breath from Another. The following track, Le poinçonneur des lilas has a great James Bond-sounding intro and is another favourite! Their vocals are soft and hypnotic, and it’s an interesting combination with the electro-sound. Every track has a sense of high energy, and yet the entire album is very mellow. The entire album is just fabulous! It is most definitely one of my favourite finds from Montréal to date!

The duo – Justine Laberge and David Bussières – formed in 2004 when they recorded a song just for the fun of it. They loved working together so much that soon more were to follow. In 2007 they released their debut album: Lever l’ancre (which I have not yet got a hold of!) Both Justine and David have had busy musical careers prior to their duo, David playing in the European tour of Cirque du Soleil. Lever l’ancre scored 5 top-100 tracks on the radio charts with four of said tracks having top videos on MusiquePlus and Musimax (I love watching the countdowns when I’m in Montréal!) They two also performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. You can check out more about them and their albums on their site: Alfa Rococo

Chasser le malheur was released on November 10, 2010, and so far it looks like the title-track has been turned into a video-clip:

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