Barcelona is a band from Seattle. The band released their first album Absolutes independently in 2007 on their own label NBD Music. In 2008 they were signed to Universal Record. Absolutes was remixed and re-released with 4 new tracks in April 2009. Barcelona’s sound is piano-based rock. People often relate them to bands like Coldplay, though I think they are much better. I heard about this album through a friend and immediately fell in love. The majority of the album is pretty mellow, and many of the songs have incredibly simple but absolutely stunning harmonies.

By far my favourite track on the album is “First Floor People”. The opening chords are so hauntingly beautiful. This song really just puts me in this zone, and I find myself listening to it over and over again. It is melancholy, with a touch of hope. The vocals come in first with just the piano, and after the first verse, a light percussion comes in and this slowly builds intensity. Soon it is just the voice and piano again, only to have a similar re-entry of the soft percussion. Suddenly, the song picks up and the percussion is much heavier, and a wave of guitar and other instruments and melodies emerge, creating an intense wall of sound that is moving and powerful. I always get completely engulfed in the sound. The song ends with the music dropping to just the opening chords in the piano again, and the full circle effect is beautifully done.

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