Frankmusik is an electro-pop musician from Britain. Frankmusik started out as a beat-boxer under the name Mr. Mouth. He released his first EP Frankisum in 2007. In January and February of 2009 he was the support act for Keane on their Perfect Symmetry tour in the UK, and in June he was the opening act for Pet Shop Boys in London, Manchester, and Liverpool. His first album, Complete Me was released in August 2009 and had several  singles including: 3 Little Words (an amazing track!), Confusion Girl, and Better Off As Two which is my favourite track on the album. The album peaked at 13 on the UK pop charts.

The music on the album is unabashedly electro-pop and I love it! Its catchy, dance-ready, and just fun! Frankmusik has also remixed many popular artists’ songs, like Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Pet Shop Boys, and Alphabeats. I definitely recommend Frankmusik to anyone who likes Euro-Electro-pop! Check out his website: Frankmusik

And the video for 3 Little Words is great! Love the light up piano dancing! Woot woot!

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