هيفاء وهبي

هيفاء وهبي  (Haifa Wehbe) is a Lebanese singer who I found a while ago when I was on a super middle-Eastern pop kick and I am now rediscovering her. Haifa is also an actress and model. Wehbe is on of the most well-known and successful Lebanese singers and she was on People’s Magazine’s list of 50 Most Beautiful People in 2006. She has released three studio albums to date, but unfortunately I don’t know much about them. I have many of her songs but I don’t know what albums they are from. The point of this story is I love middle-Eastern pop and Haifa is amazing. I love the beats, and I can’t help myself from bustin loose when I hear them! The music just forces my body to move! The songs just ooze sexuality and its completely amazing.

Haifa Wehbe  

Haifa’s videos are fun too. These are some of my favourite of her songs! I wish I could find more videos by her! Aqol Ahwak  is probably my absolute favourite track of hers! But I can’t help but loving all of her incredibly sexy music!



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