Audio Bullys

Audio Bullys is a London electronic group comprised of Simon Franks and Tom Dinsdale. They have released three albums to date, of which I only have the latest two. Their first album Ego War, released in 2003 received great reviews and helped to establish them as one of the best new artists on the dance/house scene. Their second, Generation, received less favourable reviews, and the duo attributed it much to the concessions they made to their record label at the time.

Generation definitely has a darker sound to it, but I really like it. It’s definitely more hip-hop based too and most tracks are much slower and downbeat. It’s first single “Shot You Down” sampling Nancy Sinatra’s cover of Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) is a good one and “Take You There” and “If You Want My Love” are other tracks I really like.

Higher Than the Eiffel is their latest album, and the one which I am most familiar with. One of my absolute favourite tracks is Dynamite. I think there is something super sexy about it. The album has a lot of diversity which I really appreciate. There are a lot of amazing beats and sounds. It has much more energy than their second album and is more (so I’ve read) energized like their debut album.

Their website has a great section about the duo which is definitely worth the read: Audio Bullys

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