Kenza Farah

Kenza Farah is another great French R&B artist. She has released three albums, but I only have her second, Avec Le Coeur. It is a 2 CD set released in 2008 and went platinum. There was a big media incident when Kenza was in a car accident while leaving the studio one night, she was even erroneously declared dead. When she was seen shortly after completely unscathed, people thought that it was a big publicity stunt for her new album, but Kenza said she was in fact in an accident but that it was no big deal and the media had just gone crazy with it.

Kenza is another one of my favourite French artists – I love French R&B so much! The double album is so awesome! The beats are great and I love her vocals! I really love the flow of the French language in their music, and I find it particularly amazing in their R&B. I was listening to the album for the first time, and when the track “Kenza Sur la Beat” came on, I found myself recognizing the song but I couldn’t figure out why; then I realized it was the chorus to the Fugee’s “Fugee-la”! Which instantly made me love Kenza even more.

Kenza‘s Website (en Francais)

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