Masterworks Reworked

After watching that Flying Steps performance again, I was reminded of just how much I love classical-fusion and the reworking of the classics into an almost futuristic experience. When looking for a collection of this kind of music, I was amazed at how many people I find straight sippin’ on the hater-aid; vehement rants about the depravity of doing anything to classical music. This always upsets me, and throughout my career I have experienced the divide greatly as a teacher and student of classical music. While I am very traditional in my teaching methods – always having my kids use classical music, I also have many students who also work on songs from video games, animes, or even Lady Gaga! But back to this album! I happened to come across this album and it seemed splendidly serendipitous! “Nessun Dorma” is one of my favourite arias and this remix of it I think is just absolutely brilliant! There is some great Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikowsky on it too!

Here’s a great description:

“10 master composers, 11 modern producers, 12 masterworks, reworked for a new generation. A one-of-a-kind release featuring sophisticated, inspired remixes from original classical recordings.

The variety and range of Masterworks Reworked are what separate this compilation from others. The original tracks, ranging from vast orchestral symphonies to subtle piano pieces were performed by various European ensembles and taken from the archives of the Capriccio classical label.

Rithma, The Tao of Groove, Jazzelicious, Morgan Page and others mold and reshape these masterpieces to their own vision. From Down-Tempo to House, Nu-Jazz to Electro-Funk and many stops in between, these inspired tracks take the melting pot that is today’s music to yet another new and exciting direction…”

Check out the track listing: Masterworks Reworked

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