Lena – Good News

You may remember an earlier post featuring Lena and her debut album My Cassette Player, which had the A-mazing hit from last year’s Eurovison: “Satellite”. Well, already Lena has given us a follow up album: Good News. Lena represented Germany again this year in the Eurovision, in an attempt to defend her title. This album features many songs that were sent to Lena from different songwriters for her entry to this year’s contest. The album peaked at number 1 in Germany and was certified platinum.

The album combines all the songs performed by Lena in the national final for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, Unser Song für Deutschland (Our song for Germany). Apparently she was sent over 600 songs as possible entries! The album’s first single, “Taken By a Stranger” was chosen to be Lena’s entry to this year’s Eurovision. The album is very cute and fun to listen to! My friend Monique described it and the debut album both as great albums for a sunny day and a nice drive. =)  I still love Lena’s voice and the soulful vibe of the album.

The song “Taken By A Stranger” is super sexy and the performance at Eurovision was great! It also has a good video to go with it! Listening to the album as I write this, I can’t help but smile at songs like “Good News”, “What Happened to Me”, and “Mama Told Me” – the latter two written by Lena herself. “A Good Day” is just the happiest, funnest little song ever! I love it! I really love then entire album, I could say every song was my favourite! I definitely see myself listening to this album a lot in the near future. Good News is a great sophomore album and I really hope to hear a lot more from Lena!

Here is a Youtube channel with most of the album: Good News

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