Polski hip-hop

I have several piano students who are first generation Polish-Americans, and their parents love me just that much more because I am Polish too. =P I was telling one of the dads of these kids about my love of all things Polish and he ended up giving me 4 CDs with hundreds of Polish artists on them, many of which I have not been able to find on my own. He also showed me the magic of Polska Stacja  – an online Polish radio. I have spent countless hours (especially in the music library at school!) listening to the Tylko Polskie Przeboje  station!

Several of the artists on these mixed CDs only have a few tracks, and I would love to have their entire albums, but I haven’t been terribly successful in finding all of them. The ones that I do recognize from Tylko Polski Przeboje I have usually been able to find the singles. I’m obviously a complete Polskaphile and I beyond love the sound of the language! Polish has some pretty amazing phonemes. On one of the CDs is a lot of Polish hip-hop/rap and can I just say that I love it?

I have tried to find information on these artists been I have been completely unsuccessful! All I can find are sites in Polish (which may be awesome but I don’t know bo mówić trochę polski!) But check out my favourtie tracks so far! Kaczy featuring Mezo: “Kocham” You know this is my jam!

I was able to at least find a Wikipedia article for Doniu – although it was entirely in Polish. But here is Doniu and Liber featuring Kombi – “Nasze Rendez-vous”. This ones even got an official video! =P

And you know I love the piano in this one by Stok – “Tylko Ty Kochanie”

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