The Sound of Dubstep

The Ministry of Sound London (MoS) is a nightclub in London and an associated record company. In 2010 it was ranked 6th in DJ Magazine top 100 clubs poll. There is also a club based in Malaysia and in Egypt. The London club was an idea that came from DJ Justin Berkmann who wanted a club that was devoted to the American House Music scene of New York City and Detroit. Sound first, lights second, design third. The club held the UK’s first 24-hour dance license.

The record label has released many dance collections of music, and I first happened to grab one of these, Chilled 1991-2008 when I was stuck in Heathrow airport in London overnight on my way back from Barcelona. I’ve recently been delving deep into dubstep again and I happened upon the Ministry’s 2 2-disc collections of The Sound of Dubstep. They are absolutely great collections. Most of the songs are good dubstep remixes of popular songs, though I often prefer dubstep that is a little dirtier. But I highly recommend listening to these collections if you are one who is into dubstep!

Here’s a dubstep remix of Audio Bullys’  “Only Man” from the collection.

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