Najoua Belyzel

Najoua Belyzel is a French pop rock/electronic singer. I remember I found her song “Comme Toi” a while back and absolutely had to have it! I couldn’t find the song anywhere on the Internet so it was the first CD I had to import! She has had two CDs to date: Entre deux mondes (2006 – which is the one I bought), and Au fémininEntre deux mondes peaked at #7 on the French charts. Her biggest single has been “Gabriel” (also from Entre deux mondes) which peaked #3 on the French charts and #1 in Quebec and Belgium.

I wish I knew more about her but you can check out her website:  Najoua Belyzel (en Francais). I haven’t been able to get a hold of her second album yet, but j’adore Entre deux mondes! The music is just fun and you know I love some fun dancy electronica! I think her voice is perfect for the style she is going for =) Another great French pop artist!

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