One thing that happens from time to time when I have so much music is that I forget about artists who are great. But I do love the feeling of rediscovering something wonderful! This happened to me today when I was browsing my music and played Zaho. Zaho is an Algerian R&B singer who lives in Quebec. With my love of French R&B you can imagine how exciting it is to find something new (even if I already had it!!) Her only album so far, Dima was released in 2008. It peaked #20 on the French charts, and it had 5 singles.”C’est Chelou” was the second single from her debut album:

“La Roue Tourne” was the third single from the album and features Tunisiano

Zaho has also been featured in many French songs, including the French version of Sean Paul’s “Hold My Hand”.  The album has some great tracks, and just reinforces my love of French R&B. She has a great voice and I just love her songs! You should definitely youtube more of her videos! “Hey Papi!” is the first single from Dima:

Zaho‘s website =)

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