Monthly Archives: February 2012


One of my best friends, Kelsey, was over recently and asked if I had some Asian music we could listen to. Sadly I realized I was greatly lacking in my J- and K-pop! I was immediately on a hunt to expand my music library and I started with K-pop. How did I not have this music in abundance? One of my biggest guilty pleasures is 90’s boy-bands: N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, 5ive, L.F.O., 98 Degrees, and, my favourite, O-Town; and K-pop is littered with magnificent boy-bands! One of my favourite finds thus far has been ZE:A (formerly known as Children of Empire), a 9-member boy-band from South Korea. The group came out in 2010 and has released many singles and mini-albums (common in Asian countries) and have so far released one full album, Lovability, in 2011, which had many songs from their singles and mini-albums as well as some new ones.

The group has also released several mini-albums and singles in Japanese, and have also released several live DVDs which I would love to get my hands on! One thing I’ve always loved about foreign music is how artists are rarely limited to one language. Many artists in in non-English speaking countries frequently switch between their native language and English, and often in the same song. I love this! The most free dual-language music seems to come from Asia, particularly Korea and most notably Japan. It’s so amazing how seamlessly it can flow and how much it can enhance a fun song!

I was unable to find any official websites that were in English and I am definitely lost in Korean, but here is there official English Youtube channel: ZE:A