Selah Sue

My path to discovery of Selah Sue is somewhat convoluted: I was searching for some good old school Gospel which led to a search for good soul music, and somehow I happened upon Selah. Turns out she is from Belgium and her debut self-titled album was released about this time last year! The album was widely successful in Europe, going 3x platinum in Belgium and platinum in France. It also won her a European Border Breakers Award, which is award each year to ten artists/groups who reach audiences outside of their country with their first internationally released album. I never knew about the EBBAs and I guess they started only in 2004. Pretty awesome though. 

Well I just absolutely love the album! Her voice is powerful, her songs are great, what more can I say? The album has had four singles: “Raggamuffin”, “Crazy Vibes”, “This World”, and “Summertime”. It also has a duet (“Please”) with Cee Lo! What? Magic! Songs like “Mommy” and “Summertime” have a soft acoustic splendour to them, both equally emotional. “Black Part Love”, much more energetic and powerful, is one of my favourite tracks off the album. Overall the album has a diverse yet cohesive feel to it and I really appreciate the variety. All amazing. This is one I will be listening to over and over! 


Check out her site: Selah Sue 

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