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Sinik is another French rapper I’ve been enjoying lately. He has been around since 1996, when he formed the group Amalgame with three of his friends. The collective evolved and became the Ul’Team Atom. After several mixtapes he released his first EP, Malsain, on the 3.5.7. label in 2000. In 2001, he met Karim et Nabil with whom he established the label Six o Nine. His meeting with Diam’s was a decisive turning point in his career. The two rappers have toured frequently together and have a more than professional relationship, considering themselves “brother & sister”.

January 1st 2005 saw the release of “La Main Sur le Coeur”, his first album with Warner Bros, which became a double gold disc. His second album, “Sang Froid”, was released on April 3rd 2006. It is also a double gold CD. Sinik also performs under other names: Malsain, L’assassin, and S.I.N.I.K. One of my favourite albums of his is Le Cote Malsain, released as L’assassin. It has the sound I’ve fallen in love with in French hip-hop though I can’t quite describe what that sound is! It’s definitely in the beats and instrumentation. This album definitely has some amazing piano parts, and choir/symphonic epicness that is pretty awesome. In fact I think this two-CD album has become one of my absolute favourite French hip-hop albums!

Check out his website: Sinik. Apparently a new album is coming out May 21st! I can’t wait!


Fonky Family

Fonky Family are a French hip-hop group from Marseilles. The group consists of four rappers: Le Rat Luciano, Menzo, Don Choa and Sat; producer Pone, DJ Djel;  dancer Blaze; singer Karima; and manager Faf Larage. Fonky Family made their first appearance on the French hip hop scene in 1994, after IAM had paved the way for new hip hop artists originating from Marseille. Their first album, Si Dieu Veut, came out in 1997 and soon received a gold album. Karima left the group before the release of the album.  After numerous collaborations with different members of IAM on their solo albums, the group released an extended play (EP) record with six live and edited titles, titled Hors série volume 1, in spring 1999. Hors série volume 2 was released in 2000.


The group’s second album, Art de rue, came out in 2001. After that, many members of the group chose to pursue solo careers: Le Rat Luciano had already released a solo album in 2000, and Sat and Don Choa followed in 2001 and 2002 respectively. DJ Djel produced two compilations in 2001 and 2003. In January 2006, Fonky Family released their third album Marginale Musique (Jive/Sony BMG), which debuted on the French charts straight at number one.


This is another group I haven’t been able to find a ton of info on but I have definitely been enjoying their albums. I think that their latest album, Marginale Musique, has been my favourite. I really liked the music on that album. The sound was also a little more polished. But I’ve enjoyed the other albums immensely as well.


Check out their site: Fonky Family