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Trentemøller is a Danish electronic music producer. He is perhaps best known for his remixes, which consist of mostly fellow Scandinavian artists, including Robyn, The Knife, and Röyksopp among many others. His BBC Essential Mix won “Essential Mix of the Year” in 2006 by listeners. Two studio albums have been released to date, The Last Resort, in 2006, and Into the Great Wide Yonder, in 2010. I’ve only heard the previous so far. It has an incredibly chill vibe. You can really lose yourself in it. The album was released in October 2006 and peaked at #5 on the Danish charts. It was also certified platinum in 2009, something quite rare for an electronic album. Trentemøller has released many more compilation/remix albums than actual studio albums, the first of these, The Trentemøller Chronicles, probably being one of the best known. It is a two-disc compilation, the first being a mix session, and the second containing full-length remixes.

Having heard The Last Resort, I intend to seek out many of these remixes, and I absolutely have to get The Trentemøller Chronicles on vinyl. You can find a lot more information and see a lot more media on his website: Trentemøller



I was sitting here looking for some music to listen to while I work, and I saw Alphabeat in my music folder. Completely forgot what they sounded like, and I’ve rediscovered some wonderful Europop! Alphabeat is a Danish pop band from Silkeborg. The band has 5 members, fronted by lead vocalists Stine Bramsen and Anders SG. The bands self-titled debut album, Alphabeat, was released in Denmark in March 2007, peaking at number two on the Danish Albums Chart and reaching platinum status in five months of release. The band’s success in their domestic market attracted the attention of several major labels from larger markets abroad and Alphabeat was eventually signed to EMI’s Charisma Records label in the United Kingdom. Their debut UK single, “Fantastic 6”, was released in November 2007, followed by the international release of Alphabeat, retitled This Is Alphabeat, the following year. It peaked at number ten on the UK Albums Chart and was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry. In 2009 Alphabeat won an EBBA Award. (Every year the European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA) recognize the success of ten emerging artists or groups who reached audiences outside their own countries with their first internationally released album in the past year.)

The group’s second album, The Beat, (retitled The Beat Is… for international release) was released in Denmark in 2009. The band said they wanted to get away from the pop sound of their first album and move towards a sound more like popular 90s dance groups like Snap! (and how I looooove 90s dance!!!) While the album was certified platinum and peaked #5 on the Danish charts, its reviews were mixed elsewhere, some saying the loss of the bubblegum euro-pop sound that made them so popular in the first place was replaced by a sound too inconsistent and shallow, although many say the album was better than could be expected from this departure. I’m not intimately enough acquainted with both albums to say, but I enjoy it. The title track “The Spell” is definitely awesome. The rest has some great euro-dance sounds and I think they synth and vocal styles are a great example of shameless euro-dance. What more could I ask for?

Check out their website: Alphabeat