About the Menagerie

Greetings! The Menagerie is a project I started to share my love affair with world pop music. I am always astonished by the amount of music worldwide that is never heard in the United States (never mind marketed!), yet everywhere I’ve been, American pop music dominates the airwaves. I am a student of Music Theory and a piano teacher, and am always trying to share foreign pop music with students and friends who share my love. There is too much wonderful music out there to not be shared. I think part of the fascination comes from my obsession with language. If I could have any abilities it would be to be able to speak all world languages fluidly and play every instrument…So I spend countless hours of my spare time finding new music from different countries and every trip outside of my own country becomes a quest for new music! So here I share my findings (and some of my favourite American albums and artists as well!) So listen and explore the vast world of global pop ❤


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