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محمد حماقي

Mohamad Hamaki is a wonderful Egyptian pop star who’s albums I was lucky enough to find the other night. I have been unable to find too much information about him or his music, but he did win the 2010 “Best Arabia Act” in the MTV Europe Music Awards for “Ahla Haga Fiki” (which I found a fun remix – by DJ.Idriss – and video for!) . Hamaki’s second album, Kheles El Kalam, went platinum as the best selling Middle Eastern album of 2006.

You know I love the fun Arabic dance sounds! Listening to his albums so far has been a blast! Definitely one of my favourtie male Arabic pop starts so far! =)  His latest album, Haga Mosh Tabeaya, is much more electronically driven than his earlier albums, but features many traditional Arabic instruments, which makes it a really fun fusion. It will be in my car soon!

This is a fun remix:



Sherine is singer/actress from Cairo, Egypt. She has released 4 albums throughout her career thus far, from her debut: Garh Tany in 2003, which launched her to popularity and solidified her as one of the most well known Arabic artists, to her most recent being Habeat in 2009. I managed to find Habeat and is as of now the only album of hers I have had the pleasure of listening to.

Sherine has also had a small acting career in Egypt, but more so has contributed songs to many Egyptian films, including “An el-Ish’ wel-Hawa”. The movie’s theme song, “Keteer Ben’sha”, became a major hit. That same year, she released “Lebnan Fel Alb (Lebanon’s in the Heart)”, a song dedicated to Lebanon and the victims who fell in the Israeli-Lebanese conflict.

Habeat is much less dance driven than many Arabic albums I have enjoyed, having a lot more slow-tempo and energetic ballad-y songs, but still has the great percussions and fun electronic sounds I love so much in Arabic pop music. I hope to find more of her albums soon!