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Sarbel is a London-born Cypriot pop star. Like many others he came to my attention after my rediscovery of Eurovision. Sarbel competed for Greece in the 2007 Eurovision held in Helsinki. While his song “Yassou Maria” (Γειά σου Μαρία) only placed 7th, it is probably my favourite entry from the 2007 contest.

The song is incredibly catchy of course, and just plain fun. The video is one of the better Eurovision song videos I have seen and it doesn’t hurt that Sarbel is incredibly cute. Prior to Yassou Maria, Sarbel had recorded 2 studio albums: Parakseno Sinesthima (Παράξενο Συναίσθημα) in 2005, and Sahara in 2006, which I am desperately trying to get my hands on.