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Russian Hip-hop Medly

Because I can’t seem to find much information for many of these Russian hip-hop artists (and R&B artists), I’ve decided to simply make a nice sampling of their videos. Enjoy.


Макс Лоренс







Emeli Sandé

Weeks back now, I was watching the Graham Norton Show because my idol, Madonna, was a guest (and I had had the sublime pleasure that week of realizing my cable includes BBC America!). The musical guest was Emeli Sandé who was releasing her debut album the next week. When I heard her perform “Next to Me” I fell instantly in love with her and could not wait for the album to drop! During her brief segment on the show with Graham, he had noted that her first name is actually Adele and she replied that she could not very well use that as her stage name after the wild success of fellow her fellow Brit artist. Her first single, “Heaven”, was released in August 2011 and was a huge hit. The album, Our Version of Events, was released in February 2012. She took the 2012 Brit Awards’ award for Critic’s Choice.


Our Version of Eventswas number 1 on the UK (where the album went platinum) and Scottish album charts, and made top 10 on Belgian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, and Irish charts.  In the UK, the album sold 113,319 copies in its first week, becoming the second fastest-selling album of 2012. It also marks the best first week sales for a debut album by a British female solo artist since Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream debuted at number one in December 2009 with sales of 411,820 copies.


Sandé’s  album is a great soul/R&B album. Her voice is something incredible. That was what instantly drew me to hear. It is so clear and powerful. I absolutely love it. “Heaven” is an incredible singe, and the video is pretty spectacular. “Next to Me” is without a doubt my favourite track off the album, and a single I cannot listen to enough! There is a real quality to her songs, filled with a raw kind of emotions. “Clown” is an example of one of these raw ballad-y songs off the album. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s beautiful. “Daddy” is another example of her raw power. I can’t sing the praises of this album enough!

Check out her website: Emeli Sandé


Amel Bent – Délit Mineur

Just a month or two ago in my Facebook news feed I noticed Amel Bent posts. My French is not terribly great yet but as more and more of her posts began to fill my homepage I realized she was releasing a new album and I was so excited! After anxiously awaiting I finally got my hands on her newest album, Délit Mineur, which was released Monday, November 28th in France.

The first single off the album (released earlier in November I believe), Je Reste was awesome and made it all the more difficult to wait! “Les Chanson Triste” is another song of the album I really loved! =) It had an great energy and amazing piano action! Actually as I listened to the album I loved every song more and more!  “Tu Fermes Les Yeux” is another favourite of mine off the album! I can definitely see me rocking out to this one over and over! Amel remains my number 1 French R&B artist! Make sure you get your hands on this album!!!


One thing that happens from time to time when I have so much music is that I forget about artists who are great. But I do love the feeling of rediscovering something wonderful! This happened to me today when I was browsing my music and played Zaho. Zaho is an Algerian R&B singer who lives in Quebec. With my love of French R&B you can imagine how exciting it is to find something new (even if I already had it!!) Her only album so far, Dima was released in 2008. It peaked #20 on the French charts, and it had 5 singles.”C’est Chelou” was the second single from her debut album:

“La Roue Tourne” was the third single from the album and features Tunisiano

Zaho has also been featured in many French songs, including the French version of Sean Paul’s “Hold My Hand”.  The album has some great tracks, and just reinforces my love of French R&B. She has a great voice and I just love her songs! You should definitely youtube more of her videos! “Hey Papi!” is the first single from Dima:

Zaho‘s website =)

Castle Walls

I’ve recently been really into dubstep – a genre of electronica that originated in South London around 1998.  Its style has been described as “tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals”. Dubstep has had its own interesting evolution over the years but I won’t get into that. The other day I got an album that was someone’s collection of 201 “best dubstep songs and remixes”, so naturally I’ve been listening to it. There has been a lot of great stuff so far but what really caught me was the fAux dubstep remix of “Castle Walls”, the original song I had also not heard before by American rapper T.I. featuring Christina Aguilera.

I think the original is great single, an amazing hip-hop track and Christina’s vocals are as always fabulous! But I am really into the fAux dubstep remix, and though it leaves out T.I.’s rap throughout the remix is darker and haunting. I can’t stop listening to it!

Kenza Farah

Kenza Farah is another great French R&B artist. She has released three albums, but I only have her second, Avec Le Coeur. It is a 2 CD set released in 2008 and went platinum. There was a big media incident when Kenza was in a car accident while leaving the studio one night, she was even erroneously declared dead. When she was seen shortly after completely unscathed, people thought that it was a big publicity stunt for her new album, but Kenza said she was in fact in an accident but that it was no big deal and the media had just gone crazy with it.

Kenza is another one of my favourite French artists – I love French R&B so much! The double album is so awesome! The beats are great and I love her vocals! I really love the flow of the French language in their music, and I find it particularly amazing in their R&B. I was listening to the album for the first time, and when the track “Kenza Sur la Beat” came on, I found myself recognizing the song but I couldn’t figure out why; then I realized it was the chorus to the Fugee’s “Fugee-la”! Which instantly made me love Kenza even more.

Kenza‘s Website (en Francais)

Sheryfa Luna

Sheryfa Luna is a French R&B singer. She won the fourth series of the French edition of Popstars in October 2007.  Her self-titled debut album peaked at #7 in the French album charts. I have so far got ahold of her self titled debut from 2007 and her 2008 album, Venus, but am still trying to get my hands on Si tu me vois, released in 2010. I haven’t gotten too intimate with either album yet as I just got them and am listening to them at present! But what I’ve realized is that I just plain love French R&B! I love the beats and the flow of the lyrics. French just works so well with the music! It is definitely among my favourite genres right now! I just couldn’t wait to share! I don’t even know what else I can say besides how much I’m loving it so check out some of her videos!!!

Girlfriend seems pretty stank too which makes her even more amazing! Check out her official blog: Sheryfa Luna. 

Amel Bent

Amel Bent is a French pop star who gained success after making it to the semi-finals of Nouvelle Star 2 (France’s answer to Pop Idol). Although she did not win the competition, she was picked out by producers and her debut album was soon to follow. This debut album, Un Jour d’été was number 3 on the French Albums Chart, and had the hit single: Ma Philosophie, which is one of my favourtie Amel Bent songs, and one of my favourite French songs. The album is a power soul/R&B collection with many superb songs.

Amel’s second album  À 20 ans, is another one of my absolute favourite French albums. It’s another I keep in the car at all times. One thing I love about this album is its use of piano R&B – very sort of Alicia Keys style (only better!) The title track features Diam’s and is an amazing track. As I said, many of the tracks are heavily based around the piano which is a huge turn on for me! My favourite track off this album is undoubtedly Tu n’es Plus là, another one of those piano-featured tracks. The chord progression of the chorus is what really draws me to the piece, and Amel’s vocals are wonderful!!! It is really an incredibly moving song.  There is also an acoustic version on the album which is pretty incredible as well. A fun surprise at the very end is a cover of “Eye of the Tiger” which I love to run to. It’s just plain fun!

In 2009 Amel released her third album, Où je vais, which I have just gotten my hands on and not yet been able to listen, but can’t wait! Then I can share the riches =) And of course check out her website: Amel Bent

Reni Jusis

I am a total “Polska-phile” and when it comes to Polish music, Reni Jusis is at the top of my list. Jusis has had a very interesting career musically speaking, transforming her style from hip-hop, reggae, to electronica, to piano pop. Reni’s career started when she was discovered by Polish rapper/music producer Yaro (the two became a couple), and the pair worked together on her debut album Zakrecona. The album was a mixture of R&B, hip-hop, and funk; and upon its release in 1999 earned Fryderyk Awards for Best Debut Album of the Year, Best Song of the Year, and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album of the Year. (Jusis is also classically trained, this year she graduated from the Academy of Music in Poznań with a degree in Choir Conducting.)

Reni’s third album Elektrenika (play on words “electronic” and her name) is one of my favourites. It was at this point her style changed to electronica. The songs are very 80’s inspired. The album had two huge hits: Nic o mnie nie wiecie and Nigdy Ciebe nie zapomnę. The previous is one of my most frequently enjoyed foreign pop songs, and it is also my ring-tone and has been for some time! Jusis’ fourth album, Trans Misja (play on words “trance”, “mission”, and “transmission”) was another huge dance hit, winning the Fryderyk Award for Best Dance/Electronic/Club Album in 2003.

In 2006 Reni left her record company and started her own, Ping Pong Records, and released her fifth studio album, Magnes. This album is another great dance album, and also has several of her previous Polish hits in English (I prefer them in Polish!). Magnes won a Fryderyk for Best Dance Album of the Year.  Jusis’ newest album Iluzon, is a turn towards piano-pop so I have read, but I have not yet been able to find a copy of the album, and am desperately searching! Elektrenika and Trans Misja remain my favourite albums, though Magnes is also wonderful. I have heard parts of Iluzon on Reni’s website: Reni Jusis and so far have loved it!