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The Tellers

The Tellers are a Belgian rock band. The band was started in 2005 by Ben Baillieux-Beynon (lead singer, guitarist). And through the years the lineup has been pretty unsteady, from just Baillieux-Beyon, to having 2-4 members. Currently I believe the band is a 4-piece group, with Fabrice Detry on bass, Cesar Laloux on drums, and Joos Houwen on guitar. They have had two albums to date, their first being Hands Full of Ink. This is the only album I have heard. The album peaked #7 on the Belgian charts and the group has enjoyed fame in their home country. They’ve also enjoyed success in Germany, the Netherlands, and, thanks recently to a part in a Canon commercial, France. The album has an alternative/Indie folk rock style that is very European. It’s definitely a good listen. The album has a good vibe. I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on their more recent album!

You can check out their myspace (excuse me, my_____) page here: The Tellers


Selah Sue

My path to discovery of Selah Sue is somewhat convoluted: I was searching for some good old school Gospel which led to a search for good soul music, and somehow I happened upon Selah. Turns out she is from Belgium and her debut self-titled album was released about this time last year! The album was widely successful in Europe, going 3x platinum in Belgium and platinum in France. It also won her a European Border Breakers Award, which is award each year to ten artists/groups who reach audiences outside of their country with their first internationally released album. I never knew about the EBBAs and I guess they started only in 2004. Pretty awesome though. 

Well I just absolutely love the album! Her voice is powerful, her songs are great, what more can I say? The album has had four singles: “Raggamuffin”, “Crazy Vibes”, “This World”, and “Summertime”. It also has a duet (“Please”) with Cee Lo! What? Magic! Songs like “Mommy” and “Summertime” have a soft acoustic splendour to them, both equally emotional. “Black Part Love”, much more energetic and powerful, is one of my favourite tracks off the album. Overall the album has a diverse yet cohesive feel to it and I really appreciate the variety. All amazing. This is one I will be listening to over and over! 


Check out her site: Selah Sue