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Jenny Berggren

Remember Ace of Base? If you grew up in the 90s you do. “Beautiful Life”, “Cruel Summer”, “Don’t Turn Around”? These songs are amazing. Ace of Base must have been one of Sweden’s biggest exports of the decade. While looking for new Danish music, I happened upon Jenny Berggren’s – of Ace of Base fame – solo career. I haven’t actually heard her album yet, but I stumbled across this single: “Let Your Heart Be Mine” which was almost Denmark’s entry to this year’s Eurovision! Now the song is great by itself, but I found a video of the Calboy Club Remix, and… just wow! I hunted the Internet for almost an hour trying to find this song, and success! So check it out!

Check out the Ultimate Ace of Base site –  you can download many Calboy remixes of great Ace of Base tracks! Who could ask for more?!


Reni Jusis

I am a total “Polska-phile” and when it comes to Polish music, Reni Jusis is at the top of my list. Jusis has had a very interesting career musically speaking, transforming her style from hip-hop, reggae, to electronica, to piano pop. Reni’s career started when she was discovered by Polish rapper/music producer Yaro (the two became a couple), and the pair worked together on her debut album Zakrecona. The album was a mixture of R&B, hip-hop, and funk; and upon its release in 1999 earned Fryderyk Awards for Best Debut Album of the Year, Best Song of the Year, and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album of the Year. (Jusis is also classically trained, this year she graduated from the Academy of Music in Poznań with a degree in Choir Conducting.)

Reni’s third album Elektrenika (play on words “electronic” and her name) is one of my favourites. It was at this point her style changed to electronica. The songs are very 80’s inspired. The album had two huge hits: Nic o mnie nie wiecie and Nigdy Ciebe nie zapomnę. The previous is one of my most frequently enjoyed foreign pop songs, and it is also my ring-tone and has been for some time! Jusis’ fourth album, Trans Misja (play on words “trance”, “mission”, and “transmission”) was another huge dance hit, winning the Fryderyk Award for Best Dance/Electronic/Club Album in 2003.

In 2006 Reni left her record company and started her own, Ping Pong Records, and released her fifth studio album, Magnes. This album is another great dance album, and also has several of her previous Polish hits in English (I prefer them in Polish!). Magnes won a Fryderyk for Best Dance Album of the Year.  Jusis’ newest album Iluzon, is a turn towards piano-pop so I have read, but I have not yet been able to find a copy of the album, and am desperately searching! Elektrenika and Trans Misja remain my favourite albums, though Magnes is also wonderful. I have heard parts of Iluzon on Reni’s website: Reni Jusis and so far have loved it!