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Worm is Green

Worm+Is+GreenI love Iceland. They really do have the best music, I don’t know how they do it. Worm is Green was started by Arni Asgeirsson in his basement in his hometown of Akranes. He soon enlisted longtime friends to help with his electronica project, and the result was this magic. I’ve read that these friends are always focused on their passion project, even one time in Asgeirsson’s grandfather’s jewelry shop, where the Icelandic stones became the source of inspiration: he recorded them rubbing together and it became a beat.

The bands first album, Automagic, released in 2002, has been critically praised throughout Europe, and it’s easy to see why. The album is very haunting, from the ethereal vocals of Gudridur Ringsted, to the amazing rhythm sections, the album has a totally chill vibe, it has that incredible ability to paint landscapes that seems to be common in so much Icelandic music. And it has these incredible electronic beats, which somehow enhance the ambient quality of the music. One can easily get lost in it. They have released to other albums that I know of to date: Push Play (2005), and Glow (2009), of which I only have the previous.

Sadly I couldn’t find much more about them anywhere, but they do have a website, so check it out: Worm Is Green